Radical journeys of protagonism and learning oriented to youth

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The X Journey aims to encourage the emergence of community teams for social innovation. Our intention is to identify and train groups of youth people for entrepreneurship, offering tools so they can develop their talents and fulfill their dreams of transforming their territories.

We start from the premise that processes of social development and innovation happen when the project teases teens and young adults to recover their innate qualities of childhood, such as acumen, curiosity, fun, creativity, empathy and friendship, and then, together, act to transform their realities in a way that is fast, free and fun.

The participant groups are instigated to summon their superpowers, to form an extraordinary League and to plan the realization of an impossible mission, following their own path of transformation in a period of six months. During their route, the group receive specific missions that help them to optimize their project and to mobilize civil society.

Through experience-based learning, skills like entrepreneurship and cooperation are developed, creating impact in three main fronts: empowerment of youth (as an individual and as part of a entrepreneurial group), experience of new paradigms, and the transformation of local context. Since 2015, four pilot projects were initiated in different cities and contexts:

Manaus, AM; Maués, AM; São Paulo (Capão Redondo), SP; and Juiz de Fora, MG.

In these pilots, 50 young people participated actively. In the past 6 months, more than 40 hands-on actions were realized, impacting 15 communities and mobilizing more than 1000 people.

In its pilot version, X Journey was called X-LAB: tomorrow’s lab.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The X Journey is a game divided in three chapters, totalling 19 quests. The first mission is delivered to the player by the Game Master.

The Game Master is a multiplier of the methodology. He is a person of trust to the youth: a professor, a community leader, boyscout leader... In short, a person that is an example to encourage youth leaderships.

The Agency X, positioned in a secret location, train young people to become agents of social change.

The game narrative is based in stories of the human imaginary, such as the hero’s journey, stories of superheroes, comic books, and action and fantasy movies.

The X Journey has a Calling to the Adventure and three chapters: I. The Awakening; II. The Network and III. The Legacy. Each chapter has an average of 6 or 7 quests to be completed. All proposed activities are mechanisms to work towards cooperation and social entrepreneurship.

The Game Master, after identifying an youth leadership, sends the first card ofthe game, which is an invitation.

The player who accepts the invitation will embark in an Epic Journey to become and X Agent and will receive missions from the Game Master through cards on WhatsApp.

In other words, the young player will receive an instruction manual followed by a new card with the first mission.

The skills the Journey proposes to develop are self-knowledge, entrepreneurship, creativity, collaboration, mobilization and network creation.

Journey Cards

The adventure proposed by X Journey happens by receiving quests, that must be fulfilled by the League, on Cards that are sent through WhatsApp.

As an example, we’ll show the cards of the three first quests. Each card has a description of the quest and a QR Code that refers to an inspirational video. Try out!

Example 1: The League

X Journey Game Card
X Journey Game Card

Example 2: X Profile

X Journey Game Card
X Journey Game Card

Example 3: The Diary

X Journey Game Card
X Journey Game Card


The X Journey is expanding in Brazil! Open map

The pioneer leagues continue flat out and are the first pollinators of the X Journey in their territories. Besides, we are expanding to other cities through the training of new Game Masters.

In this sense, we highlight the Leagues that were born in Paralheiros, region located in the extreme South of the city of São Paulo, and since March of 2018 there occurs regular encounters of Game Masters. And in João Pessoa, Paraíba, the League X-Revolution already finished the first chapter!

The Journal is fundamental to the X Journey; everyone that has ever had a journal knows the importance of revisiting their own trajectory. In the Journey, that space is also an X Tool for sharing, a way to spread the hands-on actions that are realized locally and also to inspire people around the whole world that dream to change the world. We are not alone and we need to connect.

Get to know some of the Journals of the Leagues.

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Get to know some of the Journals of the Leagues

X-LAB League - Manaus
X-LAB League - Juiz de Fora
X-LAB League - São Paulo
JornadaX Revolution
X Revolution League - João Pessoa
Jornada-X 5Harmony
5harmony League - Parelheiros, SP


“For me, the X means a transformation of life”.

Ítalo Mamud, part of the pioneer League X-LAB Manaus, in Amazônia.

“I found out that I can do something simple that will impact a lot in the lives of people. It is fast, free, fun and fantastic.”

Letícia Alves, part of the pioneer League X-LAB Juiz de Fora, in Minas Gerais.

“If today I want to change the world, I will” Because I believe in myself.”

Wilme Vitória, part of the Youth Collective for the Environment and the League X-Revolution, in João Pessoa, Paraíba.

“I understand the X today as going beyond my possibilities. The X version is that: the best version of everyone.”

Gelmo Sousa, part of the Youth Collective for the Environment in Itapipoca, Ceará.