Spring X: Community groups together in support of the waters all over Brazil

The Spring X is a national game in support of the waters and aims to foster the emergence of community teams led by children and youth for the development of projects that preserve headwaters, rivers, dams and lakes.

In 2018, more than a thousand children united and carried out hundreds of hands-on actions in one weekend. The beginning of spring embodied the peak of the game: during September 22th and 23th, there happened simultaneously dozens of ecological walkings, river margin cleanings, and thousands of seedlings were planted.

Spring X, how the game begun?

The game was a stage after the 5th National Children and Young People’s Conference for the Environment, an experience that involved more than 10 thousand schools and 18 thousand young people that worked on the theme “Let’s take care of Brazil caring for the water”.

In order to get to the conference, the young participants elaborated projects that went through three stages: the school, the city and the state, and 400 of them were selected for the national stage.

The national stage was performed in the city of Sumaré, in São Paulo, from 15th to 21th of July, and had Edgard Gouveia Jr. as its Game Master. Children from 11 to 14 years-old arrived as “headwaters” of the rivers and were hosted by the Guardians (young people from 15 to 29 years-old that pertained to Youth Collectives). Playing around, they lived a strong educational process and were transformed just like water: in “river”, “lake”, “ocean”, “cloud”, preparing themselves to go back home and “make rain”.

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Children and youth are the leaders of Spring X

After the V CNIJMA, the children themselves claimed that the journey should continue, and the answer to tham claim is the Spring X. The first step to participate was to create a team (Clan) on the school or local community, then choose which water source would be cared for and which challenge they would face. After that, they should figure out a solution for the problem and act collectively.

The mobilization happened through the social network primaverax.ning.br and each Clan or player could share in real time the details of the accomplished missions or follow the steps of the game in several territories.

The game was boosted by a calling to the adventure and six missions that anteceded the apex: the Tribe, the Clan, the Spring, the Healing, the Campaign, and, in the end, the Collective Action!

The methodology of Spring X and the 5th National Children and Young People’s Conference for the Environment were an adaptation of the social game X Journey, developed by Livelab.

This action was supported by the Ministério de Meio Ambiente, Agência Nacional de Águas, Livelab, Coletivos de Jovens pelo Meio Ambiente (CJs), Governo Federal, Instituto Alana and other institutions involved with the topic.

The Spring X dialogues with the Objectives on Sustainable Development (OSD) 4, 6, 11 and 14, that respectively act on quality education, potable water and sanitation, sustainable cities and communities, and life under water.

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