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Edgard Gouveia Jr.

Edgard Gouveia Jr.

Fun that helps change the world, The Harvard Gazette, 2012

Brazilian architect brings playful approach to grassroots development. Harvard students played a game that is helping to change the world!


Edgard Gouveia, Game Master on the 5th National Children and Young People’s Conference for the Environment, 2018

Youth from all over Brazil discuss and present projects in environmental education.


Game on CreativeMornings, April 2018

CreativeMornings is a series of encounters with breakfast for creative people to get together and talk about interesting topics. The encounters happen in more than one hundred cities around the world, all of them with the same theme. In April’s edition of CreativeMornings, we heard the inspiring words of Edgard Gouveia Júnior.


Trip Transformadores 2016

The architect Edgard Gouveia was invited to guide students on the challenge of creating sustainable income possibilities for the riverside population of Tumbira.


Trip Transformadores 2013

The Trip Transformadores Prize identifies, recognize and celebrate people who use their days in favor of collective well-being, undesrtand, question, inspire, move, mobilize, find, share, walk, run, fly, dream. And, above all, act.

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Fellow Ashoka since 2006

Ashoka builds and nurture a community of leaders for change that believe the world needs agents of positive social transformation.


Articles about the project X Journey

O X-LAB: tomorrow’s lab is the pilot version of the current project X Journey.

X-LAB Manaus

SUP practitioners clean margin of river in voluntary action on Amazonas, 2016
Fourth “Environmental Paddle” will promote cleaning of polluted rivers in Manaus, 2016
Team game motivates youth to become true social entrepreneurs, 2016
Young social entrepreneurs perform the “Puxirum” at the waterfront of Amarelinho, 2016

X LAB Juiz de Fora

Students revitalize Instituto Padre João Emílio, 2018
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Youth perform action to help institution in Juiz de Fora, 2018
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X-LAB São Paulo

Players get a Cultural House in community, 2016