X Journey - Operation Antivirus X: Game Summons Young People to Fight Coronavirus.

Young people between 12 and 25 years old can help to diminish the impact of COVID-19 without leaving home and develop BNCC key-skills at the same time.

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Young people from all over Brazil and from the world are being summoned to join a game to fight coronavirus, without leaving home. The game mobilizes young people between the ages of 12 and 25 to create and apply solutions to several impact fronts of the pandemic as helping risk groups, fighting fake news, thinking about solutions to the economy, the lack of water, the population’s emotional health and creating challenges according to their reality.

Operation Antivirus X is based on X-Journey, whose framework proposes a collaborative game, totally safe, fast, free and fun. The idea came from a provocation by Edgar Barki, from the Entrepreneurship Center of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation, to Edgar Gouveia Júnior, co-founder of LiveLab, who has already applied the format to other games as Primavera X, whose objective was to protect Brazilian water sources.

“People have never been connected and distant at the same time. This generation has been being prepared to use its superpowers at this decisive moment. The time has come for this youth, who was born in a digital world, to gather their friends and technological wit to present creative solutions in the fight against COVID-19.”

Edgard Gouveia Júnior - Livelab Founder and Pedagogical Coordination.

Common Curricular National Base (BNCC)

In the midst of a scenario in which it is still unclear how schools will adapt to isolation as a measure of containing the virus, the game is also an opportunity of developing 10 key-skills of BNCC (Common Curricular National Base).

Operation Antivirus X


To understand reality, keep learning and collaborate to the construction of a fair, democratic and inclusive society.

Operation Antivirus X

Creative Thought

Scientific, critic and creative thought: to investigate the causes, elaborate and test hypothesis, formulate and solve problems, create solutions.

Operation Antivirus X

Aesthetic Sense and Cultural Repertoire

To participate and benefit from the various practices of artistic-cultural manifestation and production.

Operation Antivirus X


To share information, ideas and feelings through different languages and produce meanings that lead to mutual understanding.

Operation Antivirus X

Digital Culture

To communicate, access and disseminate information, produce knowledge and solve problems with protagonism.

Operation Antivirus X


To make choices aligned with the exercise of citizenship and your life project with freedom, autonomy, critical sense and responsibility.

Operation Antivirus X


To formulate, negotiate and defend ideas, with ethic positioning in relation to the care of oneself, others and the planet.

Operation Antivirus X

Self-Knowledge and Self-Care

To take care of their physical and emotional health, recognizing their emotions and that of others, with self-criticism and ability to deal with them.

Operation Antivirus X

Empathy and Cooperation

To promote the respect to the others and to human rights, welcoming and valuing the diversity of individuals and social groups.

Operation Antivirus X


To act with responsibility, flexibility and determination, based on ethical, democratic, inclusive, sustainable and solidary principles.

How to Participate

To participate simply register on the website:


Operation Antivirus has the support of a voluntary task force of gamers, programmers, designers, screenwriters, educators, administrators, doctors, architects, engineers, high school and university students, challenged to add their creativity and talents to operationalize the game.

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