Livelab Founder and Pedagogical Coordination

Edgard Gouveia Júnior never gets tired of putting people to play. Architect and town planner and specialist in Cooperative Games, he dedicates his path to mobilize children, youth and adults designing and applying virtual and reality games, and collective actions that lead to little communitary revolutions.

Paulo Roberto - Livelab - Diretor


Managing Director

Born on April 6, 1954, he is a medical doctor graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Sao Paulo (FMUSP), with a specialization in Pediatrics and improvement in Hospital Administration by Getulio Vargas Foundation. He worked at the University Hospital of USP as a pediatrician and administrator, as an intensivist at the Pediatric ICU of Albert Einstein Hospital and held the position of Executive Director of the Children's Institute at Clinical Hospital, FMUSP.

Carolina - Secretaria Executiva - Livelab


Executive Secretary

Graduated in Psychology at PUC SP (1997), with Clinical Improvement in Phenomenology by Ana Maria Poppovic Clinic (1999). She graduated as a Teacher at Pedagogical Space with Madalena Freire (2003), worked for 18 years at Living School, as a Child Education Teacher, Literacy Teacher and Pedagogical Coordinator of Elementary School (2017).

Thamara Resende - Comunicação - Livelab


Project and Communication Coordinator

Environmental and Sanitary Engineer from the Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF), specializing in Management and Environmental Technologies from the University of São Paulo (USP). She worked for almost three years as a scientific initiation scholarship holder, conducting research in the area of microcontaminants, water and effluent treatment.

Karina Tigre - Comunicação - Livelab


Institutional Content and Digital Presence Manager

Journalism student, artist, graphic designer and passionate about communication. At the age of six she took her first class of classical ballet and saw how much art can boost. Today she is part of social projects giving dance lessons and is coordinator of Kamohelo Space, a space for political and cultural training. She believes that art is responsible for not allowing her to give up on her dreams and goals.

Leticia Alves - Comunicação - Livelab


Project Assistant

Student of Architecture and Urbanism, sensitive to the social problems of her community, since she was a child she developed her creativity and leadership, participating in groups that worked with socio-environmental actions in the suburbs of Juiz de Fora. She believes to be an agent of social transformation, she is a member of the X-LAB Juiz de Fora League, which carries out various actions in the city. She participated as Ambassador Consultant on Sustainable Cities of the United Nations Program for Human Settlements (UN-HABITAT) between 2018/2019. She had experience as a voluntary facilitator of the 5th Children and Youth Conference for the Environment - MEC / MMA.

Hanks - Roteirista - Livelab



Graduated in Communication and Cinema at FAAP, he works as a screenwriter and copywriter. He is devoted to telling stories of all kinds on the most varied platforms. He develops and narrates role-playing games (RPG) for all ages and uses the game as a tool to educate and entertain.

“Art saves”