Livelab Founder and Pedagogical Coordination

Edgard Gouveia Júnior never gets tired of putting people to play. Architect and town planner and specialist in Cooperative Games, he dedicates his path to mobilize children, youth and adults designing and applying virtual and reality games, and collective actions that lead to little communitary revolutions.

He is co-founder of Instituto Elos, the program Guerreiros sem Armas and the game Oasis. He is part of the teams Fellow Ashoka, Berkana Exchange and TRIP Transformadores.

Currently he is a professor in the Cooperative Games post-grad (Youth Initiative Program and MSLS – Sweden, and Knowmads, in Netherlands) and Gaia formation in Brasília and Paraná. He has lectured in several TEDx and is an international consultant in Europe, North America and Asia, where applies technologies such as World Café, Open Space, circular dancing, Nonviolent Communication and the game Oasis.

He is also the creator of Play the Call, a world-wide game online that asks concrete tasks in the real world and intends to engage 2 billion people in four years to restore the equilibrium of the biosphere.

He believes that changing the world can be fast, free and fun.

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Born on April 6, 1954, he is a medical doctor graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Sao Paulo (FMUSP), with a specialization in Pediatrics and improvement in Hospital Administration by Getulio Vargas Foundation. He worked at the University Hospital of USP as a pediatrician and administrator, as an intensivist at the Pediatric ICU of Albert Einstein Hospital and held the position of Executive Director of the Children's Institute at Clinical Hospital, FMUSP.

He was a facilitator of training programs for executives at Amana-Key - Development and Education and at the University of Experience (UEXP). still held the role of President in Children Foundation during construction of the Child Cancer Treatment Institute (ITACI) and was Chairman of the Board of Doctors of Joy Association - Art, Training and Development.

Currently, in addition to maintaining activities as a pediatrician in his private practice, he develops projects in the education area.

"Only a child makes us experience unconditional love."


Financial and administrative support / Secretariat

Graduated in Financial Management at the Centro Universitário Uninter, worked for 9 years in an Accounting company and it was an enriching experience.


Executive Director

With a master's degree in management and public policies by FGV/SP, since 2014, Manuela has been working in different organizations, with project management and coordination, focused in social impact & inclusion.


Project Manager

Environmental Engineer and Sanitarist from the Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF), with specialization in Management and Environmental Technologies from the University of São Paulo (USP).


Project Coordinator

Student of Environmental and Sanitary Engineering at the Federal University of Juiz de Fora, passionate and curious about social impact, environment, social entrepreneurship and young protagonism. A Journey X player since 2018, she has discovered through X-LAB a powerful tool to play around, transform communities and encourage local revolutions.


Digital strategist

Journalist, passionate about books, music, nature, writing texts and communication. When Nany was little, she felt the importance of protecting our most precious asset: nature.



Graduated in Design, Fabio has worked as a graphic designer, photographer and cultural producer in numerous theater companies, such as: Ventoforte Group, Cia do Tijolo and Teatro do Osso.


Project Manager

Raquel is an Environmental Engineer and Sanitarist graduated at UFJF and researches the world of social technologies, she is studying for a Master's degree in Social Development at UFRJ.


Social articulator & artist

Gelmo Sousa is a multi artist, popular educator and community mobilizer. Born in the State of Ceará, he is a believer, a boy who discovered poetry, dance and music as tools to communicate causes, engage and unlock dreams.


Pedagogical Consultant

Passionate teacher, graduated in Pedagogy and post graduate in Learning Management.



Fernanda is a passionate administrative assistant and has been working for more than 20 years, having experience in several organizations in different areas: government, commercial, service and training.


Social Media

Social Media and copywriter, studying Lyrics


DEV / Digital Intelligence

Dani is a web developer specialized in marketing. His inspirations? Free and open source software, music and running. He considers himself as an "old school type", as we followed the beginning of the Internet which enabled him to work on huge projects. The power of human connectivity inspired him to become a content creator. Knowledge is freedom and with a good dose of coffee, technological revolution will begin in your project.