10x10 Challenge - 10 million of young people mobilizing the country to feed 10 million families!

A fundraising gymkhana unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

The 10x10 Challenge is a Livelab initiative that came from Edgard Gouveia Jr., president of the organization, which since 1995 has put people to play in a network and thus transforms the world. But all this gymkhana is only possible with the input of all the great partners who accepted this Challenge.

The digital gymkhana is created to challenge the entire Brazilian society, starting with young people, with the aim of raising funds to fight hunger and inequality for millions of families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is a non-party project and carried out voluntarily by Brazilian civil society.

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The 10x10 Challenge is a mobilization to raise funds for 10 million families in a situation of social vulnerability due to COVID-19, the virus that arrived in Brazil at the end of February; in addition to the emotional damage, he also destabilized thousands of people financially.

The game intends to form an alliance between 10 million young people, so that they can spread the word and reach the greatest number of people.

Check out the interview with Edgard Gouveia Jr.

Viração Educom and Young News Agency

1. 10 million young people X 10 million families without hunger. This is incredibly big! Edgard, how did the idea for the gymkhana come about?

The 10x10 Challenge arose from the realization that Brazilians, when they want to, when they mobilize, are capable of doing incredible things for the community. Just remember when sociologist Betinho called everyone to ensure that no one would spend Christmas hungry. Or when pediatrician Zilda Arns mobilized everyone to put an end to infant mortality. Or, think of Carnival or the Festas Juninas in the Northeast, organized by the poorest people who, once a year, become kings and queens that impress the entire world.

We, Brazilian men and women, are guided by passions, such as music, sports, carnival, games and so on. Therefore, for a huge challenge like that of guaranteeing food for 10 million families who are suffering the most from the COVID-19 pandemic, we have to mobilize people in what speaks most to their hearts, we need to encourage everyone to give their best if yes. And what's better than gymkhana, which everyone has played at various times in their lives. It is a collaborative competition, a "coopetition".

2. In your recent participation in the Paz e Bem program, you spoke about the objective of the gymkhana to mobilize direct action based on some of the great national passions. Explain to us how the mechanics of the gymkhana will be and how everyone can participate:

On the 10x10 Challenge platform (desafio10x10.com.br) everyone who participates in the gymkhana will be able to choose a passion and there will be teams of people linked to these passions challenging each other to see who mobilizes more people to raise funds to feed families beneficiaries. Those who are passionate about flavors and cooking and like, for example, cheese bread will be able to challenge those who love açaí. And the soap operas, which every Brazilian loves, with Avenida Brasil fans challenging the Malhação crowd? Or even those who are into nature, with people who enjoy beaches challenging those who prefer mountains to see who earns more? That is, the possibilities are many and the important thing is for everyone to embark on this gymkhana for the good. That's why it's a collaborative competition, in which families who are in a very critical situation win.

In short, there will be three ways to participate in the Challenge: the simplest is to make a direct donation to the collection, without participating in any team. The second option, which is more fun, is to set up a team based on your passion or join one that is already set up. But the third option is the most exciting: challenging another team to see who collects the most! Put everyone you know, your relatives, friends and friends, in this gymkhana. Nobody alone can solve the huge challenge that lies ahead, we need everyone to do their best!

3. What is your prediction of the impacts of the gymkhana on the scenario of inequalities in our country, which was opened wide by the advance of the coronavirus pandemic? And what are the impacts of an action like this on the lives of young people in Brazil?

Yeah, the pandemic has further deepened Brazil's absurd inequalities. The poorest, those who do not have the option of joining social isolation in their daily lives, those who do not have a formal job, are the ones who are suffering the most. And studies show that soon we will have about 40 million people literally starving. We cannot allow this. As Betinho says, those who are hungry are in a hurry. And Hungry, families can't think about the future.

With the 10x10 Challenge, we want to show that Brazilians have the capacity to, together, fight a social emergency of this size and gravity and, in the process, we learn to reinforce our solidarity and empathy as a people. In this context, young people play a key role. The new generations, especially the so-called Generation Z, those born after 1995, have an extraordinary ability to mobilize for others. They no longer accept things as they are, of indifference and self-centeredness. They want fast and effective changes. They don't wait while the older ones discuss projects, they go there and do it, especially because of the incredible mastery they have of digital technologies. Think of Greta Thunberg, a teenager who was able to quickly connect with millions of other kids and teens to challenge the powers behind climate change. With the 10x10 challenge, we want to mobilize millions of Gretas throughout Brazil!

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